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If you like coffee this blog is for you. But not the way you believe it. We are talking here coffee enemas and therefore to bring the coffee on the other side of the digestive tract to increase the digestive functions, peristalsis and the number one antioxidant par excellence of the body, glutathione. Before even knowing the antioxidant effects, enemas are mentioned in the ancient historical texts of the Scrolls of the Dead Sea as an ancient technique to help cure some diseases.

Although some research does not seem to support the evidence of these benefits so clearly, others support its therapeutic properties and it is becoming popular to use coffee enemas in alternative health methods. This was popularized in the 1950s by the Gerson Institute in its natural treatment against cancer. This method is now used by many functional and alternative medicine practitioners to help in the following cases.

  • -Cancer
  • -Parasite
  • -Poisoning
  • -Constipation
  • -Problems with the liver
  • -Candida
  • -Irritable bowel
  • -Inflammation
  • -Any other digestive disorder

As in the case of an intestinal enema, the coffee is introduced by the rectum and its antioxidant components, caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and its other compounds, are absorbed by the rectal capillaries to be delivered to the liver via the portal vein system. Now arrived in the liver, the components of the coffee stimulate it in its multiple functions while dilating its blood system. The liver secretes more bile and the gallbladder may release it into the digestive tract. The liver increases its detoxification pathways 1 and 2 and increases via an enzyme system the creation of its number one antioxidant of the body, glutathione, from 600 to 700% according to some figure. This antioxidant can spread in the body and neutralize free radicals, protect against DNA replication damage and multiple other benefits.[1]

The enemas of coffee stimulate the peristalsis of the digestive tract and are therefore particularly effective in cases of constipation. Its antioxidant compounds have a positive effect on the general inflammation as well as inflammation inside the digestive system.

Coffee enemas can therefore be beneficial according to research in order to:

  • -Repair the tissues of the digestive system
  • -Clean the liver
  • -Increase blood circulation
  • -Increase immunity
  • -Help with cellular regeneration
  • -Help digestive problems
  • -Improve the health of the digestive tract
  • -Increase the energy level
  • -Combat the signs of depression

Here is the very simple protocol to follow to perform the enema. They can be done once a week, preferably in the morning, for weekly maintenance and energy boost, and some practitioners will offer it several times a day for people with cancer. Dr. Josh Ax, PhD, says on his website that it may be advisable to make up to one coffee enema a day to help cure a digestive disorder.[2]

Are there any dangers with coffee enemas?

The Institute of Digestive Disorders and Nutrition of the University of Korea studied their effects on various patients and concluded that there were no complications or side effects.[3]



It is important to use organic and fairtrade coffee because you do not want to carry pesticides and other toxic products through your backside. It is also better to use a stainless steel enema or medical grade silicone than the low quality plastic ones. It seems that this is not recommended for pregnant women especially after the 7th month to avoid the risk of causing childbirth.


  1. Make 2 cups of coffee the way you want. With a coffee machine or by simmering for 2 minutes 2 tablespoons of coffee in 2 cups of water.
  2. Let cool to room temperature and place the coffee in the container.
  3. You can oil the tip to facilitate insertion into your rectum and avoid air in the pipe by bringing the coffee to the end of the pipe before inserting it. Insert. Open the clip. Let all the coffee go down and close the clip just before the coffee ends in the pipe.

From here, if you relax, everything will be fine.

  1. You have to hold the coffee for 15 to 20 minutes. Some say that it is better to lie on the right side to facilitate venous transport to the liver. Others believe that lying on the left side is preferable. It’s up to you to try it.

A moment of introspection is strongly suggested in order to let the inner process of letting go to happen. Avoid playing with your phone or being stimulated during this time. It is very interesting to put on headphones and to choose the application and to select binaural rhythms for meditation or relaxation. And just relax.


  1. Once the time is up, you can go on the toilet. Once done, you wash it, take a shower, finish by a cold shower, and you’re done. I’ve noticed that a feel more energy afterwards and greater inner clarity.

From my experience, and with my osteopathic glance, there is a process of loosening the tissues bound with the digestive tract at the moment the coffee is in the colon. There is an inner process also that allows the mind to let go of certain situations or emotions on which it maintains a position, which is why it is important to do nothing during the 15-20 min of relaxing and to let this metabolic digestion of the mind be done.

Obviously, you are always adviced to consult a health professional before attempting any change in your lifestyle and all this article is for informational purposes.



[3] [3]

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