Carbon C60 carbone fullerene molecule

ELIXIR OF LIFE: Water soluble Carbon C60 for longevity

ELIXIR OF LIFE: Water soluble Carbon C60 for longevity


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Water Soluble Carbon 60: What are fullerenes


Fullerenes are hollow molecules; they are made up of five and six membered carbon rings.  The pentagons of these molecules are surrounded by hexagons, thus obeying the “rule of isolated pentagons”.  With diamond and graphite, fullerenes are another allotropic form of carbon.  The main representative of fullerenes is the molecule C60 (full name Buckminsterfullerene, given in honor of the architect Fuller, who used quasi-spheroidal hemispheres for his buildings, which have the same structure as fullerenes).


Fullerene is practically insoluble in water, acetone, ethanol, tetrahydrofuran and other polar solvents.  For this reason, C60 is traditionally dissolved in olive oil or avocado oil as a supplement. The fact that fullerenes are hydrophobic makes it difficult to study their physiological and pharmacological properties.  The introduction of a varied number of functional groups into the fullerene molecule, including hydrophilic groups, results in an increase in the solubility of new polar solvent derivatives of fullerene, including water, which contributes to greater bioavailability.

One of the most promising water-soluble fullerene derivatives from the perspective of biomedical applications are fullerenols (hydroxylated fullerenes).


The properties of water-soluble Carbon 60


The most important fundamental properties of fullerenols are their antioxidant activity, they are several times more effective than antioxidants widely used in medicine, such as vitamins C and E, and due to bioavailability, the effective dose is much lower.  One of the key factors in longevity is stopping the oxidation of the body’s systems.  Free radical oxidation that occurs naturally in the body causes a multitude of problems ranging from poor DNA replication to poor ATP production by mitochondria.  Antioxidant compounds are one way to block this progressive destructive mechanism in the body and C60 and fullerenols are at the top of the list.


Unlike fullerenes, fullerenols are water soluble, making them more promising than fullerenes for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations.

Once in a living organism, water-soluble C60 fullerene causes self-destruction of excess free radicals, particularly aggressive forms of oxygen (ROS) and oxidation products of biomolecules. On the other hand, it does not affect the minimum of free radicals, which is vital for the normal functioning of the body’s biological systems. In other words, it regulates their number and thus gives the body the possibility to mobilize its own protective functions to counter various diseases and slow down the aging process.

Ava Naturals Water Soluble Carbon 60


There are a growing number of health supplements in the jungle and it can be difficult to navigate.  I believe that some products are essential to the maintenance of long term health and some of them are often missing in our diet, even varied and balanced, such as magnesium, iodine, and Vitamin b12.  Other supplements are important inputs to contribute to optimal health and vitality.

C60 products are, in my opinion, one of those essential supplements for anyone who wants to optimize their health and Ava Naturals and Slick60 products seem to be some of the best quality on the market.  The problem with C60 supplements is that if the product is exposed to light and air for too long during manufacturing or storage, it results in a significant degradation of Carbon 60 and the presence of toxic compounds that are very damaging to health as revealed in the study here.

It is therefore essential to ensure the source and quality of C60 and the one produced by Ava Naturals and SLICK60 is according to my research one of those who offers this guarantee.

The method of synthesis of ELIXIR OF LIFE guarantees the absolute purity and stability of the final product. It is a powerful antiviral and antifungal tool.  As a “radical trap”, it can neutralize more than 20 free radicals with a single molecule.  It is 100 times more effective than all other currently known antioxidants. Preliminary toxicity testing of fullerenol has revealed no adverse effects.


I am currently using it on a trial basis and I am noticing some increase in my energy level and mental acuity.  My focus seems to be increased and the colors even seem to be slightly more vivid.

Let me know what you think in the commentary if you try it.


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Carbon C60 Fullerene ava naturals slick60
Carbon C60 Fullerene ava naturals slick60

Carbon C60 fullerene ava naturals slickC60


You will find all the references of this article and the studies in my other blog on fullerenes and C60



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