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Gratitude and positive emotions to increase the immune system

In his book Becoming Superhuman, neuropsychology specialist Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how thoughts and emotions influence the biology of the human body. These secrete into the body chemicals that influence the cells’ genetic expression and allow them to regulate it positively, or negatively. We now know that with epigenetics, the environment outside the nucleus of the cell controls the genetics itself. It is possible to have a genetic predisposition to a certain disease, but it is only if the environment outside the cell allows it to express itself by activating the proteins necessary for its expression by a double pathway: the external environment of body and its stimuli, and also by the biochemical environment of the body influenced by thoughts and emotions.

Thus, Dr. Dispenza demonstrates in his research and experiments on groups of people, that a practice of 3 times 10 minutes a day to focus and to feel a positive emotion like gratitude allows the body to increase in a few days its level of IgA, a classic blood marker for regulation of the immune system, homeostasis and cytokine cells.

His practice focuses on the influence of emotions on the healing of chronic diseases and how to transform emotions daily to have a positive impact on the body, vitality and health. An integrative osteopathic session would certainly embrace the circulation of emotions as a way to enhance the treatment. Talk with your osteopath about it.

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