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My Weekly Detox Protocol

My weekly detox!

I see two modes in general that lead to optimal health and longevity: building and toning, and detox mode.  Each week I enter a 24-hour detox mode that ends the next morning with a coffee enema, one of my favorite mornings of the week.  This allows me to activate my body’s detoxification process, bringing toxins into my digestive tract, and then eliminating them the next day.  Here’s how I do it, and right now, spring is just around the corner, the perfect time to stimulate your liver and get rid of the toxins accumulated during the winter.

 The day before!

I pick a day in the week, and it’s Monday for me, and I go on a liquid vegan diet throughout the day, with lots of greens, either in soups or fresh juices, colorful vegetables, a little bit of omega-3 rich seeds and very green superfoods.

I make sure to include herbs that facilitate the extraction of toxins due to their alkaline power such as wheatgrass and a mixture of herbs and seaweeds, as well as compounds that bind to heavy metals, such as chlorella and zeolite clay.  I also include bitter herbs that stimulate the liver and increase detox.

Here is what I consume in my day.

– Fresh green or colored juices

– Vegetable soups only

– Hemp, flax or sesame seeds in smoothies

– Wheat grass or barley powder

– Spirulina, Chlorella, E3Live

– Honey with spirulina.

– Essential Amino Acids for extra protein.

– Bitter Tincture for the liver, or in capsule, with Dandelion, Artichoke, Oregon Grape, etc.

– Shilajit: mineral rich resin that also increases detox


In the evening, detoxifying plants

In the evening, I take even more of these detoxifying herbs, but everyone obviously has a maximum detox threshold in order to reap the maximum benefit.  Some people cannot discharge toxins too quickly depending on the strength of their organs, the level of intoxication and their metabolism at the risk of having rather uncomfortable detox symptoms.

My evening drink

-Triphala, to accentuate the peristalsis and facilitate evacuation

– Zeolite clay, which binds to heavy metals and other toxins thanks to its molecular design.

– Sometimes a little bit of plants to balance the intestinal flora, like mimosa pedicosa, or black walnut.

– A little more wheatgrass and chlorella for me!


Obviously, it’s a cozy, indoor evening where I take care of myself, take a sauna, a bath, certainly.  For some people it can be more difficult to find sleep, so it’s a matter of optimizing your routine for an optimal sleep, taking into account that it may be a little more uncomfortable as there will be more toxins circulating.

And the next day, I empty the whole thing with an enema coffee well black and the effect after, for me is immediate and flagrant.  Mental clarity, energy and a clean feeling from within. I love this morning!


Happy spring to all of you!


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