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3 SUPER FOODS GREEN TO EAT EVERY DAY Here are 3 Super foods I consume every day. One of the most important things to preserve the body is to have enough antioxidants to cope with the body’s natural oxidation (creating natural aging) but also with the oxidization due to air, water, food pollution, etc. These pollutants present in all environments are a cause of premature aging of the body and consuming natural antioxidants in greater quantities is a way to counter these attacks. SPIRULINA Spirulina, a blue-green microalgae, is famous for its remarkable nutritional properties. Because of its richness in complete proteins, essential vitamins such as B12, minerals such as iron and antioxidants, this substance is frequently incorporated as a nutritional supplement to boost vitality, support immune defences and promote detoxification of the body. Due to its high concentration of chlorophyll and phycocyanin, spirulina contributes to cell health and tissue regeneration, making it a valuable ally for optimal nutrition and increased vitality. I like to take one full tablespoon once or twice per day, especially in summer as it has a cooling effect and also protects the skin from sun damage.  In cooler climate, i would take less. Chlorella Chlorella, a green microalgae, is renowned for its nutritional and detoxifying properties. Due to its high content of proteins, vitamins (including vitamins B and C), minerals such as iron and zinc, as well as antioxidants, this plant is frequently used as a nutritional supplement to promote vitality, strengthen immune defenses and stimulate the detoxification process. Chlorella is highly appreciated for its ability to attach to heavy metals and other toxic substances, which facilitates their expulsion from the body. In addition, due to its high concentration of chlorophyll, it promotes cell health and improves tissue regeneration, making it a valuable supplement to a healthy, balanced diet. I like to take just half a teaspoon per day as the detox power of chlorella is very potent. Liquid chlorophyll Liquid chlorophyll, obtained from green plant extracts, is widely used as a dietary supplement because of its multiple health benefits. Thanks to its antioxidant richness, it helps to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Liquid chlorophyll is also known for its detoxifying properties, which promote the elimination of toxins and support the health of the liver. In addition, it has the ability to optimize the digestion process, neutralize body odors and promote wound healing. Its ability to stimulate red blood cell production and promote blood oxygenation makes it a choice supplement for individuals seeking to improve their vitality and overall health. I use these 3 super foods every day. The spirulina and chlorella in my morning pudding most often, or sometimes in the afternoon, and the chlorophyll in my water in the morning and all throughout the day.   I hope this inspires you to incorporate these super foods into your daily life!   Janeck Olczyk D.O., Ostéopathe – Santé Holistique Osteopath – Holistic Health www.OptimumOsteo.com Montréal

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10 Ways to optimize your stem cells

10 Ways to optimize your stem cells   What are stem cells? Stem cells, which are the unspecialized cells of the human body, possess the remarkable ability to differentiate into several specialized cell types. They are important for the process of growth, restoration of impaired organs, and the renewal of tissue. Stem cells can be classified into two primary categories: embryonic stem cells, which are present throughout the initial stages of embryonic development, and adult stem cells, which are located in different tissues and organs throughout an individual’s lifespan. Stem cells are fundamental to the development of all tissues and organs in the human body and are crucial for the ongoing regeneration of cells in tissues like skin, blood, and mucous membranes. Stem cells has significant utility in the field of regenerative medicine and hold immense promise for the treatment of diseases, tissue regeneration, and scientific investigation owing to their capacity to undergo differentiation into diverse specialized cells.   The significance of stem cells in the body lies in their capacity to sustain the well-being and operational efficiency of tissues and organs over the course of an individual’s lifetime. They have the responsibility of perpetually renewing cells, repairing damaged tissues, and regenerating organs following injuries or diseases. Stem cells are crucial for both the growth and development of embryos, as well as for maintaining tissue health and adapting to environmental changes. An in-depth comprehension of the mechanisms that regulate stem cells is necessary for the development of advanced medical treatments, the management of degenerative diseases, and the enhancement of quality of life. Stem cells play a crucial role in the process of regeneration, serving as the primary agents responsible for repairing and sustaining the organism across its lifespan.   Stem cell optimization is an expanding area of medical investigation with significant potential for regenerative medicine and overall health improvement. Stem cells play a crucial role in the process of tissue regeneration, repairing damaged organs, and maintaining overall health due to their exceptional capacity to differentiate into different cell types throughout the body.   Here are ten ways to maximize the effectiveness of your stem cells:   1. A Balanced Diet Supporting the health of your stem cells requires a healthy and balanced diet. Foods such as fruits, vegetables which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, promote a cellular environment conducive to regeneration.   2. Calorie restriction Studies have shown that moderate calorie restriction can stimulate stem cell regeneration.  It promotes autophagy, a cellular cleansing process that can strengthen stem cells, and reduce oxidative stress.  It is important to eat nutrient-rich foods to be sure to meet all your daily needs.  Adding a spoonful of spirulina to your meals, adding green powder superfoods, and adding a multivitamin can be good strategies to meet these needs.   3. Regular exercice Exercise promotes stem cell regeneration by increasing the production of growth factors such as nerve growth factor (NGF) and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF).  Blood circulation is also improved by exercise, which can help in the spread of stem cells throughout the body.   4. Intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting, which consists of alternating periods of fasting and meals, has the potential to activate autophagy and promote stem cell regeneration.   5. Quality sleep Cell regeneration, including stem cell proliferation, depends on sleep. Your body can repair and regenerate effectively thanks to restorative sleep.   6. Stress Management Continuous stress can damage stem cells. Meditation, yoga and other stress management strategies can help create a stem cell-friendly environment.   7. Hydration Adequate hydration is necessary for all cells, including stem cells to function properly. Make sure to be hydrated throughout the day.  Usually 1 to 2 L of water per day. 8. Avoid toxins Avoiding environmental toxins such as toxic chemicals, smoking and over-exposure to radiation is important in preventing cell damage that could affect stem cells.   9. Targeted supplementation The ability of certain supplements, such as green tea, turmeric and resveratrol, to support stem cell regeneration has been studied.  Resveratrol preserves cartilage and promotes the differentiation and proliferation of stem cells, according to many studies. In addition, resveratrol helps to regulate blood sugar levels.  Although it is practically impossible to get enough resveratrol through diet alone, especially if you have already experienced loss or deterioration of cartilage, you can get it from healthy foods such as blueberries and red nuts and other fruits and vegetables.   10. Specialized therapies In some cases, specialized therapies may be considered to maximize the effectiveness of stem cells. This includes stem cell therapy or you can extract the stem cells from your present self and reintegrate them into your body tomorrow.   Optimum Health Coaching You can now make an online appointment with me to optimize every level of your health, from stress management to your sleep and diet.  Check out the OPTIMUM health program section or make an appointment online directly.   We are happy to help you in your quest for optimal well-being. Janeck Olczyk D.O., Ostéopathe – Santé Holistique Osteopath – Holistic Health www.OptimumOsteo.com Montréal

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Protect yourself from EMFs and 5G with Qi technology from Synergy Science

An excerpt from my ebook on the protection of electromagnetic fields created by humans.   EMFs (electromagnetic fields) greatly disrupt the functioning of human biology as you could read in my first article on the subject here.  There are many ways to adapt our biology to limit the damage in our body due to free radicals that damage our cells and DNA, increase inflammation and decrease the immune system.  There are also technological means to physically protect from EMFs, wifis, and 3G, 4G and also 5G technologies.  Here is one of the main ones that is still little known.  In the coming years, it will probably become a keystone for urban environments.  You will be able to get it now by visiting Synergy Science’s website and place the code OPTIMUMOSTEO for 10% discount on their entire site.   The torus of Qi technology from Synergy Science If there was only one technology module to place in your home, it would be this one. Imagine a protective bubble that would block EMF waves and create a sanctuary of rest for you and your family. This is what the creators of Qi technology are proposing. And after receiving and testing their product, I unequivocally confirm that it is the best tool you can have at home for EMFs protection. They designed a copper coil technology module that generates charged particle exchanges between water tubes and generates a torus of free electrons that greatly reduces the impact of EMFs, and this includes 5G. While for some, these terms may remain in the realm of esotericism, the technology is solidly proven by double-blind scientific studies and third-party seals of approval for the efficacy of their products. Over a phone conversation, they told me that they are currently in the process of producing a study on the efficacy of their technology against the 42 Ghz wavelength included in 5G with preliminary results that are conclusive and positive. The Qi technology, as they call it, actually produces a torus around the copper module that creates a protective area filled with free electrons. Remember that free electrons coming from the ground are e xceptional to mitigate the body’s inflammation and feed the mitochondria and allowing the ‘’grounding’’ effect to occur. These free electrons suspended in the environment of the torus depolarize the waves arriving from the outside to allow only a smaller proportion of them to penetrate, still allowing cellular devices, laptops etc. to function. Studies have shown, for example, that a wound that takes 24 hours to heal in an environment without wifi only heals at 10% of its capacity in the same period with wifi present. With Qi technology, inside the torus, it healed at 90% in the same period, almost as much as without the presence of EMFs. The negative impacts on health would therefore go from 90% to only 10% inside the protective torus. While two independent series of tests on Qi technology seem to prove the effectiveness of their products, there is still some ambiguity over the residual wave once it has passed through the free electron field. Designers also keep secret the passive functioning of their module in order to generate the electron torus. It is the depolarization of the EMF wave passing through the free electron field that becomes inert for human biology, they assure. A phenomenon in itself that would really make sense because, as we mentioned, it is the polarization of the wave containing the information and traveling from point A to point B that creates the damage when it encounters living cells. According to one of the independent studies, there would be a decrease of 30 to 70% in the intensity (in V/m2) of the wave depending on the module used. As promoted by the company, devices such as tablets and cell phones would work inside the torus. However, the designers do not mention how it is possible that the depolarized wave could still travel to a device and return to the outside of the torus. The second blinded placebo study takes into account the data collected from about 30 participants and shows a marked improvement in Heart variability and Skin conduction data, and concludes the experimental effectiveness of the Qi Shield module to protect humans with a wifi placed next to it. I honestly believe that this technology will be used on a larger scale in the near future. When we are in the same situation for too long, there is a form of habituation to certain conditions and forgetting about other possibilities. Living in an environment polluted with EMFs, we forget how restless our minds, bodies and cells are in reaction to the constant EMFs that bombard us and accentuate the aging and degradation of the body. By using the torus presented by SynergyScience, an inner calm is established. The focus becomes more sustained, the body relaxes. The feverishness that can be associated with anxiety or background stress is reduced. The heart is lighter and the sleep is deep. This is my experience. The company claims that there are some of remarquable benefits of the technology • Energizing the water Each Qi-Home cell contains patented liquid vials that contain all visible light frequencies. Although no natural water has 100% of the visible frequencies, people seek for the best “healing waters” on the planet that have only 80% of these frequencies. The Qi-Home will change any water in the torus field to give it properties like the “healing waters” of the earth. Studies show that the water in the vicinity of Qi devices will increase to -100mV by receiving electrons from the Qi Technology. This gives the water antioxidant properties. • Reducing the impact of radiation Qi technology protects against harmful radiation, including that caused by cell phones (including 5G), electrical wiring in the home and electromagnetic smog. • Improves air quality The air contains water. Water molecules are positively influenced and improved by Qi technology and, as a result, air quality is improved. •