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Protect yourself from EMFs and 5G with Qi technology from Synergy Science

An excerpt from my ebook on the protection of electromagnetic fields created by humans.


EMFs (electromagnetic fields) greatly disrupt the functioning of human biology as you could read in my first article on the subject here.  There are many ways to adapt our biology to limit the damage in our body due to free radicals that damage our cells and DNA, increase inflammation and decrease the immune system.  There are also technological means to physically protect from EMFs, wifis, and 3G, 4G and also 5G technologies.  Here is one of the main ones that is still little known.  In the coming years, it will probably become a keystone for urban environments.  You will be able to get it now by visiting Synergy Science’s website and place the code OPTIMUMOSTEO for 10% discount on their entire site.


The torus of Qi technology from Synergy Science

If there was only one technology module to place in your home, it would be this one. Imagine a protective bubble that would block EMF waves and create a sanctuary of rest

for you and your family. This is what the creators of Qi technology are proposing. And after receiving and testing their product, I unequivocally confirm that it is the best tool you can have at home for EMFs protection.
They designed a copper coil technology module that generates charged particle exchanges between water tubes and generates a torus of free electrons that greatly reduces the impact of EMFs, and this includes 5G. While for some, these terms may remain in the realm of esotericism, the technology is solidly proven by double-blind scientific studies and third-party seals of approval for the efficacy of their products. Over a phone conversation, they told me that they are currently in the process of producing a study on the efficacy of their technology against the 42 Ghz wavelength included in 5G with preliminary results that are conclusive and positive.

The Qi technology, as they call it, actually produces a torus around the copper module that creates a protective area filled with free electrons. Remember that free electrons coming from the ground are e

torus_field Qi Technologie Qi Synergy Science
torus_field Qi Technologie Qi Synergy Science

xceptional to mitigate the body’s inflammation and feed the mitochondria and allowing the ‘’grounding’’ effect to occur. These free electrons suspended in the environment of the torus depolarize the waves arriving from the outside to allow only a smaller proportion of them to penetrate, still allowing cellular devices, laptops etc. to function.

Studies have shown, for example, that a wound that takes 24 hours to heal in an environment without wifi only heals at 10% of its capacity in the same period with wifi present. With Qi technology, inside the torus, it healed at 90% in the same period, almost as much as without the presence of EMFs. The negative impacts on health would therefore go from 90% to only 10% inside the protective torus.
While two independent series of tests on Qi technology seem to prove the effectiveness of their products, there is still some ambiguity over the residual wave once it has passed through the free electron field. Designers also keep secret the passive functioning of their module in order to generate the electron torus.
It is the depolarization of the EMF wave passing through the free electron field that becomes inert for human biology, they assure. A phenomenon in itself that would really make sense because, as we mentioned, it is the polarization of the wave containing the information and traveling from point A to point B that creates the damage when it encounters living cells.
According to one of the independent studies, there would be a decrease of 30 to 70% in the intensity (in V/m2) of the wave depending on the module used. As promoted by the company, devices such as tablets and cell phones would work inside the torus. However, the designers do not mention how it is possible that the depolarized wave could still travel to a device and return to the outside of the torus.
The second blinded placebo study takes into account the data collected from about 30 participants and shows a marked improvement in Heart variability and Skin conduction data, and concludes the experimental effectiveness of the Qi Shield module to protect humans with a wifi placed next to it.
I honestly believe that this technology will be used on a larger scale in the near future.
When we are in the same situation for too long, there is a form of habituation to certain conditions and forgetting about other possibilities. Living in an environment polluted with EMFs, we forget how restless our minds, bodies and cells are in reaction to the constant EMFs that bombard us and accentuate the aging and degradation of the body. By using the torus presented by SynergyScience, an inner calm is established. The focus becomes more sustained, the body relaxes. The feverishness that can be associated with anxiety or background stress is reduced. The heart is lighter and the sleep is deep. This is my experience.

The company claims that there are some of remarquable benefits of the technology

• Energizing the water

Each Qi-Home cell contains patented liquid vials that contain all visible light frequencies. Although no natural water has 100% of the visible frequencies, people seek for the best “healing waters” on the planet that have only 80% of these frequencies. The Qi-Home will change any water in the torus field to give it properties like the “healing waters” of the earth. Studies show that the water in the vicinity of Qi devices will increase to -100mV by receiving electrons from the Qi Technology. This gives the water antioxidant properties.

• Reducing the impact of radiation
Qi technology protects against harmful radiation, including that caused by cell phones (including 5G), electrical wiring in the home and electromagnetic smog.

• Improves air quality
The air contains water. Water molecules are positively influenced and improved by Qi technology and, as a result, air quality is improved.

• Food that lasts longer
With Qi technology, food in your home (including in the refrigerator) can last longer and taste better.

• Reduced adrenaline production
EMFs have been shown to increase the amount of adrenaline produced by our bodies. With Qi technology products, your body can produce less of it, which can result in less stress, better sleep and other desirable benefits.

• No external power required
Qi technology works according to natural laws with a clean technology that does not require an external power supply to be “turned on”. The Qi cell generates its own energy and is most effective when located in a central area of the house.
Most electro-sensitive users notice a noticeable change within 48-72 hours, after their body has adapted to the increased protective electrons and the absence of penetrating EMF radiation.


Qi technology could have the potential to become an indispensable asset for urban environments where electrosmog is dense. With the superimposition of 5G millimeter waves, the health impacts will most likely be accentuated and it is essential to have access to some form of protection for our physical environment.
The presence of free electrons around us and penetrating each of our cells is a vital source as we experience it in the forest, near a waterfall or on the beach by the sea. Having this source of free electrons at home, at school or in the environment is a vital source of life and will be a keystone in the near future for the protection of human health in the face of the progressive superposition of EMFs.

I even believe that the calming and resourcing effect will have an impact on social interactions. Less irritation between partners living together, more patience, better interaction with our children. Imagine if these modules could be installed in school classrooms, I am sure that the quality of learning would be increased, if only for the better presence and quality of attention.
The technology is not cheap and ranges from $500 for the smallest model to $5000 for the one that covers the whole house. In this modern era, living in the city comes with these costs now if you want to be able to do it in a healthy way. It is therefore necessary to calculate about 100$ per month for the first year, or over 5 years. But it’s totally worth it.

To learn more about the Qi technology, visit the SynergyScience website and use the code OPTIMUMOSTEO to get 10% discount on all your purchases. If you use this link, the discount should already be applied!


Here are two of the most interesting products of Qi technology.

The Qi Shield

Qi-Shield-Copper2 Technologie Qi Technology Synergy Science
Qi-Shield-Copper2 Technologie Qi Technology Synergy Science

A transportable copper cylinder providing a sanctuary area of 16 feet wide by 6 feet high. Ideal for a small apartment or to take with you in your work environment. Around 1200$US

The Qi Home
This larger unit is designed to be stationary and offers a protective radius of 50 feet wide by 16 feet high. Ideal for a family home. The unit once moved takes approximately 24 hours to redistribute the free electron bubble. Around 5000$US



Technologie Qi Synergy Science
Qi Home Technologie Qi Synergy Science

With one of these modules, we could have a fairly effective protection for urban environments while waiting for architectural methods to adapt to the new needs to reduce exposure to EMFs. Combined with the adaptation strategies of our biology, we have a protocol that will greatly reduce the negative impacts of current urban waves and the imminent 5G millimeter waves.


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