beet juice with nitrates


An exciting discovery comes to be published on nitrates, contained mainly in the waters, beets and green leafy vegetables. Based on studies in relation to the inhabitants of the Tibet plateau, high to more than 3500m of altitude or oxygen is decreased by 45%, which have  blood concentration of nitrate from 9 to 10 times higher, this discovery brings back the vegetable juice at the forefront of health once again.

It has been demonstrated that the nitrates relax the smooth muscles of blood walls and thus help the body to adapt to the media where oxygen is scarce. Also, the consumption of beet juice daily participates in a drop of the blood pressure, thus benefiting the people suffering from hypertension.

Studies have also demonstrated that the increase of nitrates via the daily consumption of green vegetable juice and of beet juice help athletes by increasing their capacity to use oxygen and help their performance and their recovery.

Here are other benefits of the beet juice.

– Aid to the detoxification of the liver, via its compounds of methionine and glycine betaine.

– Boost eNox production to open up arteries and help the blood to circulate! A good preparation for a physical activity!

– Protects the skin from free radicals by its antioxidants

– Aid for the production of sex hormones thanks to its large concentration of boron

– The beet is associated with the reduction of markers of inflammation as well as to the prevention of various cancer

Do you juice your beets?


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