An exciting discovery comes to be published on nitrates, contained mainly in the waters, beets and green leafy vegetables. Based on studies in relation to the inhabitants of the Tibet plateau, high to more than 3500m of altitude or oxygen is decreased by 45{a0b1b5cd022235a42582e09fb511404e07ad3f2cb43d5bbad6e40d127f2f7a91}, which have blood concentration of nitrate from 9 to 10 times higher, this discovery brings back the vegetable juice at the forefront of health once again.It has been demonstrated that the nitrates relax the smooth muscles of blood walls andBEET JUICE AND NITRATES 1Osteopath, Ostéopathe, Osteopathe, Montreal, Osteo, Osteopathe Montreal, Massage, Deep Tissue, Massothérapie, Osteopath Montreal, Osteopathe Plateau, Plateau, Osteopathy, Osteopathie, Janeck Olczyk

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