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Weston Price’s Paleo Diet for Teeth Health and Tooth Decay.

Weston Price’s Paleo Diet for Teeth Health and Tooth Decay.

I try to reverse a stubborn tooth decay. Here is my protocol based on Dr. Weston Price.

Do you know the Dentist Weston Price from the beginning of last century? Well, he studied the diets of the aboriginal tribes and compared their dentition with that of the modern Westerners. In summary, he has come to certain conclusions and proposes a paleo diet to regenerate the teeth and gums. This diet contains no sugar or grain. No grain because not only are they sweet but they contain phytic acid, which combines with vitamins and minerals in the digestive tract and inhibits their absorption. Thus the diet contains little or no legume and little or no nuts, which are very rich in phytic acid and also in lectins, these substances that protect certain plants that damage the lining of the digestive tract. The diet takes emphasis over animal fats, rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, essential for the repair of teeth and often missing in Western diets, particularly vegetarians. Although for many, it is better to remove dairy products from the diet if they have immune reactions and digestive problems, with the exception of Ghee or clarified butter, which often contains less than 0.1% casein and lactose. Same thing for eggs. There is an iodine supplement, often deficient in western in land diet and iodine is needed to maintain Vitamin D and K into bloodstream according to Dr. Jack Kruse.

This diet and lifestyle will also have the effect of optimizing the digestive tract by removing sugary products and rebalance the intestinal flora for the most part. Although Some would have to follow an anti-parasitic approach to optimize the digestive tract and teeth.

Obviously, it is a question of how to incorporate this kind of food, very rich in animal products in order to make acts of conscious consumption in the respect of the life and the planet. Thus, limit red meat and encourage local, organic and grass-fed farming. Choose free range chickens and wild fish. Add environmentally friendly portions of Spirulina and Chlorella protein, as well as bone broth protein and essential amino acids to replace portions of proteins.


THE EVERYDAY DIET  Adapted Weston Price’s diet

  • – Butter or Ghee from grass fed cows (Grass-Fed) Rich in Vitamin K2 and Vitamin A and D
  • – Dairy products very fat.
  • – Eggs, mainly yellow
  • – The organs of the animals, the marrow and the liver
  • – ½ to 1 cup of bone broth
  • – Wild fish, low in heavy metals, to consume always with chlorella which attaches to heavy metals in the digestive tract.
  • – Shellfish
  • – Fermented grains in small quantities or not at all.
  • – Few nuts, always soaked one night otherwise or none at all
  • – All plants raw and cooked, limiting for some the family Brassicaceae and nightshades for others
  • – No fruit preferably
  • – No processed food
  • – No polyunsaturated vegetable oil rich in omega-6 like canola, sunflower, palm etc.
  • – Avoid vinegar and acid products in the mouth, especially at the beginning of the first few weeks to repair the teeth: lemon, lime, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc.
  • – Avoid juice and alcohol.


Other suggestions for optimizing your teeth and body



  • – 10,000 U of vitamin D3 once or twice a day
  • – Vitamin K2, 200% daily
  • – Calcium vegetable algae products (New chapters or VegLIfe) up to 1000mg or more per day
  • – Magnesium (600mg Citrate or up to 1000mg of glycinate)
  • – Seaweed supplement
  • – Iodine often 3 to 5 drops (Except for those with an autoimmune disease that must be treated before to avoid hashimoto)
  • – Probiotics – 20-50 billion.
  • – Essential amino acids 5-10g per day, to optimize the supply of essential protein in the formation of bones.
  • – 20g of Bone Broth Protein
  • – Cod Liver Oil without toxins from Grden of Life. Rich in fat-soluble vitamin.
  • – Fish or algae oil rich in DHA
  • – FLaxseed oil

other lifestyle support

  • – Optimize sleep (look in my blog here on optimizing sleep)
  • – Optimize sun’s exposure
  • – Intermittent Fasting 16-18h
  • – Do not eat 3 hours before sleep
  • – Optimize your metabolism in Ketosis
  • – Supply of pure and mineralized water adequately, 1L at least in the morning fasting
  • – Oil Pulling 2 times a day, morning on an empty stomach and in the evening. With oil, salt and probiotics
  • – Shorter oil pulling with essential oils (mint, tea tree)
  • – Tooth brushing and flossing when appropriate.


And Voila, I’ll tell you if it worked for me and my tooth decay in a few weeks!

But it is already less painful!

And you?

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5 thoughts on “Weston Price’s Paleo Diet for Teeth Health and Tooth Decay.”

    1. The pain never showed up again on this diet. Although i went travelling and change my diet with lots of carbs and the pain came back..so it was not healed… but i’m back on this diet and planning to write soon a protocol for tooth decay and reducing bacterial load in the body

  1. We always recommend every one to eat healthy food, but there are many of them. Some of them could be healthy for body but not much healthy for teeth. So it’s amazing too see articles like yours that recommend amazing, tasty and healthy food for teeth.

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