5 imprtant factors disrupting our immune system

5 important factors that disrupt our immune system

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Viruses as messengers

As the eminent American physician Zach Bush MD points out, viruses, which are not living organisms, are merely messengers of genetic information between different systems in an environment.  It is our ability to adapt to this information that may or may not be disrupted.

And as Louis Pasteur mentioned on his deathbed about his theory on germs: Germs are nothing, it’s the immune system that counts, and Lavoisier was right.  Yet modern allopathic medicine mainly kept Louis Pasteur’s words on germs to develop his theorems and thus support the prevalence of industrial pharmacology, which quickly became the successful market of pharmaceutical companies thanks to diseases.

5 factors that disrupt our immune system

The following factors are known to impair our ability to adapt to these messengers and lower our immune system.


1- Stress.  Fear.

These two elements of a psycho-emotional nature are known to have a direct impact on the physical body and hinder its ability to build a quality immune system.  By keeping stress-related hormones high, fear and stress are to be avoided and must be replaced by higher emotions of a positive nature that bring a more harmonious cardiac coherence and maintain a more stable health.

It is by sometimes cultivating the small details of life and by promoting healthy choices that we have the power to transform these emotions towards gratitude, sharing, love, etc.


2- Sugar.

Simple and refined sugars are one of the most crucial elements to take out of the diet in order to maintain optimal health.  To be removed from the diet today, their disruptive effects are often underestimated and pave the way to the unbalancing of the immune system.  They are sometimes hidden in many processed foods.  It is important to promote an anti-inflammatory diet without sugars and with low glycemic variation on a daily basis and by conserving sugar for special occasions.  Visit my article on a paleo anti-inflammatory diet.  A diet of paleo or cyclic ketogenic style in which the body is maintained in “ketosis” until the evening when the body is replenished with certain quality carbohydrates.


3- Lack of sleep.

A complete, deep and restorative sleep is essential to maintain daily health.  The body needs rest, especially in times of stress.  The relaxation of the nervous system and the repair of the cells, the deep cleansing, is done at rest, at night.  You can find a set of solutions to promote sleep by reading my article for a deep sleep.



4- Lack of exercise.

Sitting all day long is probably one of the worst choices for human beings.  In addition to engaging the movement of muscles, fasciae and the skeletal and nervous system, physical activity circulates the lymph and disposes of cellular waste, activates the heart and breathing, promotes the secretion of neuropeptides favorable to the maintenance of health and happiness!  Always try to move every day, have a practice of movement and breathing such as sports, yoga, dance or martial arts.


5- Lack of sunlight and Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is in fact a hormone that activates a large number of special genes to optimize the immune system as well as all the body’s systems.  Vitamin D is necessary for the maintenance of health and in the Nordic countries, unless you spend your time outdoors as indigenous people did, there is a strong chance that the body will lack vitamin D because of the angle of the rays in winter.  The FDA recommendations of 600-800 IU per day are far too low according to Doctor Joseph Mercola and 5000 IU per day can drastically optimize the immune system and the prevention of chronic diseases.


In these critical times, it is important to take the necessary actions to transform our daily life in order to optimize our body’s adaptation to our environment and its information messengers, viruses, as well as to prepare a resilient immune ground.  You can find even more info on the best tricks to boost the immune system here as well as my daily routine to optimize mine.


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