Garlic for boosting the immune system ail pour renforcer le système immunitaire

My daily routine for boosting the immune system

My daily routine for boosting the immune system


So, I’m an osteopath, here in Montréal, stuck in quarantine like almost everyone.  Here is my daily routine in these uncertain times of quarantine to strengthen my immune system hoping that it can inspire you! Between supplements, exercises, breathworks and sauna sessions, you will probably be able to adapt most of them for you.

It’s the morning, after a full night of sleep, I wake up refreshed.

  • I fast in the morning in general until 10am or until 12h which gives me a 16h of fast, ideal for getting entering a little in ketosis and increasing the cell repair time of my body
  •  Morning hydration: I drink 1L of water with chlorophyll because water assimilates in the large intestine and it’s always better on an empty stomach
  • I add 3-4 drops of antibacterial and anti-viral oregano oil in a sip


  • I swallow a 1000mg Propolis capsule with all these 300 immunomodulatory substances
  • I am adding a Vitamin D 5000U supplement because it is vital and in current times, I doubt that my exposure to the sun is sufficient.
  • Some Magnesium 800mg during the day or in the evening because our soils lack it and it is necessary for the immune system.
  • Iodine unless I’m near the sea, it detoxes my chlorine or fluorine absorption and nourishes my thyroid hormones.  I’m not relying on algae or sea products daily to be sure to get it.
  • Without forgetting 500mg vitamin C once or twice, affordable antioxidant to prevent pathogens.


  • I prepare a hot drink of a mix of 5 mushrooms with immunomodulatory properties before my daily meditation session and pranayamas. Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail and Chaga in the drink that I have been drinking in the morning for several years because I like the earthy and woody taste of this comforting drink but I admit that it is very appropriate in these times.
  • Time for meditation and pranayamas, relaxing the system, entering in more presence and awareness and stimulating it with some breathwork Wim Hof style. Retention lungs full and  lungs empty, I love where it takes me and moreover, it seems that it helps the immune system according to studies carried out on Wim Hof. I mix it all with other type of Breathworks.
  • Gratitude session, with or without newspaper, sometimes just included in the day before meals. It puts me in tune inside of me and I feel good. Just thank me for what I have, what is there … simple.  Gratitude and positive emotions are proven to enhance the immune system as you can read here in this blog on gratitude.
  • I take a shower, now or after exercising and I always end it with the coldest water that my tap can offer. I alternate 10 seconds cold and 10 seconds hot for 4-5 times. Exposure to cold like that stimulates my whole body and I love the effect when I go out!
  • By staying in intermittent fasting, I ingest some amino acids, the 8 essentials, which keep me fasting but provide me with the equivalent of 15-25 grams of highly assimilable protein. The powder version assimilates in a short time and I feel it in my body. Otherwise I love tablets too.


  • First meal, rather a green smoothie or smoothie with bone broth and chicken broth protein, no fruit, no sugar. A little pollen on top, coconut fat and coconut flakes. Some cocoa chips sometimes for texture and taste. Stable blood sugar.
  • As for my next meal, fat, vegetables and protein where I keep slow carbohydrates for my evening meal and thus practice an intermittent ketosis diet. You can know more about intermittent paleo or keto diet here.  No simple sugar if it’s just for honey with antibacterial properties. Besides, the one I have is Neem honey in addition, ok not very local, but neem is an antibacterial and antiviral plant too.
  • With one of my meals, I make sure to include an excellent kim-chi, or an unpasteurized sauerkraut, or a little miso or any fermented product to ingest good bacteria for my digestive tract. I’m making an excellent vegan yogurt these days with a yogurt maker and super potent probiotics so I eat it every day. Otherwise, I would take one capsule of a good 50 billion probiotic once in a while.


  • During the day, a few varied exercise sessions like a few high intensity interval outdoor sprints, or a tabata series which takes 4 min to do, or an Ashtanga Yoga session or with weights. It opens the circulation, makes my heart pump, replaces the neurotransamitters and I just feel so good!
  • Water, more water to hydrate myself


  • During the day, I take the time to connect with my family or to call friends to share how I feel, to express what I am living, to get news and to have the feeling of connecting and being surrounded in community. Sometimes we can laugh and all this human warmth even over the phone makes me feel good. I will do it intuitively but they say it’s good for the body!


  • Evening is coming, I have moved, taken my supplements, eat quality organic food, been in cold water, take a deep breath and I am getting ready for my evening sauna. I am fortunate to have an infrared sauna that I take religiously listening often to frogs sounds that form some natural binaural rhythms texture. After getting out and taking one last cold shower, I melt in my bed.
  • For sleep, a few drops of CBD 1000 mg with its thousand properties to maximize deep sleep and a little melatonin because in town, my production is not natural with all the exposure to the blue spectrum of light and thus helps me to increase my REM sleep and my dreams.  You can learn more about how to optimize your sleep here.
  • Sleep is deep and restful and leads to the next day which will include about the same procedure that I love to repeat, my body is satisfied and my spirit grateful.

I hope these few lines can inspire you to take care of your health and optimize your precious immune system to live without worries. For even more info on how to boost your immune system, you can read my article on the subject.

As an osteopath focusing on optimal well-being and holistic health, I am now offering a practice of teletherapy consultation by video if you need to address something regarding your body, your health and optimizing your lifestyle.   Contact me if you need more information or to book an appointment.


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