le froid et la respiration wih hof


In osteopathy, we always seek to harmonize the functioning of the body systems. What if there were methods to do it by yourself? It is certain that the techniques developed by the yogis of ancient India hold several secrets for self-regulating our body. Let’s see how Wim Hof got it!

His popularity is constantly growing and he impresses everyone who is interested in him. Holder of more than twenty world record mainly related to the ability to withstand the cold, so called ” iceman ”, Wim Hof, the Dutchman in his late fifties, offers breathing techniques that allow to activate and oxygenate the human body. These exercises are very similar to vigorous pranayamas, or breathing techniques derived from yoga, to quickly oxygenate the brain and body, while operating the respiratory muscles and improving the mobility of the chest and finally, scientifically improve the immune system.


For his practice, Wim Hof ​​combines these exercises with cold adaptation and the ability to relax the body in the cold. Teams of scientists who study his case seem to prove that the ability to adapt the body to cold allows him to access a particular brain pharmacology by releasing dopamine and cannabinoids and a large amount of adrenaline and noradrenaline that increase considerably its immune system and its resistance to stress. Wim Hof ​​offers these exercises to anyone who wants to improve their level of health, their joie de vivre, and their happiness.


While osteopathy can greatly help the general health and develop the adaptability of the human body, daily practice of conscious breathing is a great way to help your body and to develop a daily conscious meditation practice.

Here is a documentary allowing you to discover the ” Iceman ”! Good listening.!


And here’s one to learn and incorporate Wim Hof’s breaths into your daily practice. In summary, there are four sets of 30 breaths. Each series is a suite of maximum inspiration and maximum expiration at high speed. Each inspiration should include abdominal, thoracic and cranial breathing, and thus include a focus of attention in the skull. At the end of the series, the air is expelled completely and you hold your breath, empty lungs, as long as possible or several benefits are attributed.

These breaths bring a degree of calm and exceptional concentration, focus, and bring you back into the present moment, guaranteed.


This is how he does it.  In osteopathy, there are tons of techniques to self regulate the body.  Combine both for the most efficiency.
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