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3 Days detox diet, vegan and liquid food.

In my practice in osteopathy in Montreal, I am often asked how to have more energy. The system is often overloaded by the toxicity of the world we live in and by poor eating habits and life stress. Here is a little easy detox to help the liver and the body!

The fruit and vegetable intake are an asset of excellence to detoxify the body while providing the fiber needed to release the digestive tract and bringing nutrients in large quantities to support the body to continue its daily activities. A liquid vegan diet of 1 to 3 days is proposed by the famous Dr. Oz to detoxify the body and help the digestive tract.[1] This kind of cure is advised by many alternative health practitioners and is inspired in juice detox centers like Gerson or Tree of life although these centers uses only juices without the fiber.

Of course, there are other more intense treatments to detoxify the body, like fasting with green juices or with water, but this 3 days one is an excellent entry point for anyone with a standard diet. In my experience, the removal of animal products and the removal of grains and starchy foods are a great benefit to my body during these few days. The vegan diet also clears my mind and removes a heaviness that can clug my heart and my psyche sometimes. The low intake of sugar reduces the proliferation of bad bacteria and stabilizes the blood sugar and therefore the concentration and energy level. Obviously, the great contribution of fiber thanks to this cure enriched with many vegetables and fruits, brings an ease in my intestinal transit and gives me a great dose of energy.

From my experience, releasing the digestive tract is often a keystone to help me in my health and a vegan diet gives perspective to the emotional patterns underlying the body tensions.

The detox: Soups, Smoothies and Fresh Juices,

Soups: soups without potatoes, full of vegetables, green or other, with turmeric, garlic, ginger and olive oil. I sprinkle with hemp seeds, flax or chia, or soaked nuts in small amounts.

Smoothies: Mainly green smoothies, with lemon, kale, spinach, hemp, parsley, flax seeds and mango. I Go with creativity or other recipes that abound on the internet. I avoid dates and high glycemic bananas as well as all dried fruits.

Fresh Juice: Juice with my extractor, of any kind, carrots ginger beetroot, or simply celery. Packed with nutrients and enzymes. I avoid all the pasteurized juice rich in sugar.

Extras: I add an intermittent fast with that, 14-16h overnight, without eating. I add psyllium to release the tube even more. I take plants to support the adrenal sometimes. And support the liver at other times.

Proteins: Seeds and nuts, maximum one handful per day, soaked in water 12 hours before to reactivate them. Hemp, Chia, Flax, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Chicken Broth Protein do the job for my day

FAT: Coconut oil, linseed oil, olive oil, avocado, oil rich in DHA / EPA

Considerations: I drink a lot of water, 1L in the morning on an empty stomach, with chlorophyll. I remove stimulants such as coffee, tea and cocoa. An osteopathy treatment to release abdominal tensions during this period can be optimal. If 3 days seem impossible sometimes, I prefer to do 2 days or even 1 day only not at all!

I do this cure every time I feel it. It’s far from being a complete detox or a deep one but just enough to put my system back in place.

Adding some probiotics like the ones from Garden of Life, Dr Formulated are an excellent options.

Then, considering entering an anti-inflammatory diet to further support health could be also interesting as you can read in my blog here!

[1] https://www.doctoroz.com/article/dr-ozs-3-day-detox-cleanse-one-sheet

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